ERP in Business Language

An ERP system definitely helps organizations to perform business processes in a structured way. But how can they be sure that operational strategy will be reflected in the new ERP system? How can the discrepancy between business requirements, process modeling and the actual implementation of the ERP be reduced? How can the organizations be sure that business specifications are included in the present system and the processes are optimized and
standardized before the new implementation?

A solution for all these questions is the approach of the ERP implementation project as a business project and not as an IT project. The solution based on processes implies building up of an operational model that needs to be used in all phases of the ERP implementation project: from selecting the solution suppliers and contracting up to defining the technical solution, implementation, testing and going-live.

This article presents 9 Reasons to Approach an ERP Implementation Project as a Business Project, not as
an IT Project.

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