Stock Transport Order with Delivery via Shipping

For stock transport orders with delivery via shipping, note the prerequisites described below.

Master Data

Material master

Supplying plant

In the material master for the supplying plant, you must record the following data:

Basic data
Shipping data
Accounting data

Receiving plant

In the material master for the receiving plant, you must record the following data:

Basic data
Purchasing data
Accounting data

Customer Master Record
The goods recipient of the delivery is the receiving plant.

You must create a customer master record for the receiving plant. From this, both the address and other data that is relevant for shipping, such as transportation zone and shipping condition, are taken.

The customer master record must be created for the organizational units. From the menu, choose Logistics –> Sales and Distribution –>Master Data –>Business Partner –>Customer–> Create (account group Sold-To Party).


Sales and distribution

Schedule line categories

You assign schedule line categories and movement types in Customizing for Sales and Distribution, under Sales –> Sales Documents –> Schedule Lines –> Assign Schedule Line Categories.

Possible schedule line categories and movement types are:

Schedule line category NN – intra-company-code stock transfer

Schedule line category NC – cross-company-code stock transfer

Movement type 647 – one-step procedure

Movement type 641 – two-step procedure

Shipping point

Shipping point determination depends on the supplying plant, the shipping condition of the customer master record belonging to the receiving plant, and the loading group of the material.

You assign the shipping point to the supplying plant in Customizing for Logistics Execution under Shipping–> Basic Shipping Functions –> Shipping Point and Goods Receiving Point Determination –>Assign Shipping Points.

(See also Enterprise Structure –>Assignment –> Logistics Execution –>Assign shipping point to plant.)


Delivery type

Assign delivery type NL to the combination of order type UB and supplying plant (replenishment delivery for intra-company-code stock transfers).

If you do not assign a delivery type, you can only post the goods issue in inventory management.

You define the delivery type in Customizing for Purchasing under Purchase Order –> Set up Stock Transport Order –>Assign Delivery Type and Checking Rule.

If the document type contains a delivery type but another requirement is missing (for example, shipping data), you receive either a warning message or an error message (depending on the system configuration) when you try to enter the stock transport order.

If you receive a warning message, you can create the stock transport order, but you can post the goods issue for this item only in Inventory Management.

Organizational units

Assign the organizational units (sales organization, distribution channel, and division) to the supplying plant and receiving plant (Purchasing –>Purchase Order –> Set up Stock Transport Order –> Define Shipping Data for Plants).

Plant customer number

Assign the customer number to the receiving plant (Purchasing –> Purchase Order –> Set up Stock Transport Order–>Define Shipping Data for Plants).

To better depict the customizing, Jimmy Zhang  collected those settings into one picture. Maybe it will help you to understand the settings and see the relationships more clearly.

Stock Transport Order

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5 thoughts on “Stock Transport Order with Delivery via Shipping”

  1. Hi, is it possible to create a STO which will have a different Customer number (Ship T0) as the one assigned as the normal Customer Plant?
    I would need to move material from Plant A to Plant B but physically drop it at Address C. Stock would valuated at Plant B, probably in another Storage Location or else.
    Thank you

  2. to JBert:
    use different storage location as receiving storage location in to STO.
    even customer number(ship-to) will be the same on the Outbound Delivery but address record will reffering to Receving Storage location address.
    If you leave the receving storage location blank in STO – then Ship-to address is used.


  3. In STO……SPRO-Define shipping data and plant…we do enter a plant and then Sales area…along with Language Key. This plant specifyes Supply plant or Receiving plant?

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