Sales Order in SAP SD

A ‘Sales Order’ is a contract between your Sales Organization and a Customer for supply of specified goods and/services over a specified timeframe and in an agreed upon quantity or unit. All the relevant information from the customer master record and the material master record, for a specific sales area, are copied to the sales order. The sales order may be created with reference to a ‘preceding document’ such as a quotation, then all the initial data from the preceding document is copied to the sales order.
The ‘sales order’ contains:

  • Organizational data (sales organization, distribution channel, division, sales document type, pricing procedure, etc.).
  • Header data (sold-to-party, sales office, sales group, pricing date, document date, order reason, document currency, price group, sales district, customer group, shipping condition, incoterms, payment terms, billing schedule, PO number, etc.).
  • Item data (item category, order quantity, material, batch number, product hierarchy, plant, material group, shipping point, route, delivery priority, customer material, item number, etc.).
  • Schedule line data (schedule line, schedule line number, delivery date, order quantity, confirmed quantity, material availability date, loading date, proposed goods issue date, transportation date, movement type, shipping point, etc.).

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