Virus Scanning in SAP, Is It Available?

SAP has not gone into the virus scan business. You need a partner product to perform the virus scan. You can find partner products that are certified here: Security Partner – Partners vor Virus Scan Interface (NW-VSI). Currently (end of November 2005) there is only one partner product available. Of course, SAP is negotiating with more virus scan software vendors about becoming certified and there are several well-known companies that have expressed interest in becoming certified. But we also encourage you to point other virus software vendors of your choice to our Integration and Certification Center.

What SAP has implemented is an interface that allows performing a virus scan via an external product before the document is uploaded into SAP. Scanning is available as of SAP NetWeaver Application Server Release 6.40 SP11 for the ABAP stack and SP13 for the Java stack.

Scans will be performed via either of the following functions in the source code in the SAP standard:
– Function Module GUI_UPLOAD using the SAP GUI
– HTTP_UPLOAD in Business Server Pages uploading a local file based on CL_HTMLB_MANAGER
– Web Dynpro for JAVA via FileUpload

How do you activate the virus scan in SAP standard applications?

First you have to activate the so-called SAP NW-VSI interface. That is, you go into the Implementation Guide IMG, via transaction SPRO and make the corresponding configurations. That is, you define and configure the external virus scan software. You can have more than one scanner and for load balancing you can combine them to scanner groups. You define steps that are run when an application calls a virus scan. SAP ships pre-defined VIrus Scan Profiles for applications that have implemented the virus scan. For a list of pre-defined profiles please check SAP note 797108. Administrators activate these profiles on an application basis.

You can then test your virus scan using transaction VSCANTEST in ABAP. For more information check out SAP note 786179. For tests in Java please take a look at SAP note 848189.

You will find a detailed description on how to configure the virus scan in the SAP Online Help: (general help area)
– SAP NetWeaver – Security – System security – Virus Scan Interface or on the new SAP notes’ component BC-SEC-VIR.
Gerlinde Zibulski is a Security Product Manager for SAP.

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