Transaction History Executed by a User in SAP

If you want to see what transactions are executed by a user in a specific time period do the following steps;

  • Go to ST03. Select choose for analysis. Choose only one application server at a time in case you have multiple application servers. Choose time period of your choice.
  • In the next screen from menu choose GO TO–>PROFILES->-USER PROFILES. Here you will get the list on users who have worked on that application server.
  • Double click on the required user and you will get all the transactions he/she has executed.
  • In case you select TOTAL in step 1 and then follow the steps 2 and 3 you will only get the list of application server on which the user has worked and not the transaction details.
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    1. The surest way is through the T Code STATTRACE :

      The only draw back is the SAP maintains the STAT files only for 48 Hrs by default after which it is over written :

      STATTRACE -> Intial User = User Name -> Start Time -> Time Period 1440 -> Execute

      For changing the default value of the max/stat

      ST03N -> Expert Mode ->Collector and Performance DB -> Workload Collector -> Control Files

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