SAP SD Service Order Processing Manual: Instructions and Specifications

Business Scenario Covered:

Your company offers maintenance and repair services for computer equipment. To do this, your staff sometimes visits your customer’s site. The Service Management (SM) component is not used by your company.

One of your customers informs you by telephone that they are having problems with their computer. An experienced employee decides that the problem has to be solved by a technician at the site and decides which spare parts they will need. The technician is automatically informed. He owns a ‘spare parts’ tool box which he fills by taking parts from the warehouse. The order confirmation contains the service (for example, technician category, hours taken) and a reminder that the dollar amount of the invoice depends on the time taken and cost of the repair.

Any unused parts are returned to the warehouse. The technician then enters the materials he used, the time the repair took, and traveling expenses (for example, taxi and hotel) in an overview sheet. This sheet is used to create an invoice for the customer.

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