Preliminary Postings in SAP

The  user  can  use  preliminary  postings  to  enter  and  store  incomplete  documents  in  the  system. Preliminary  postings  do  not  update  any  data  in  the  system,  such  as  amounts.    The  two  types  of preliminary postings are:

  • Parked Document
  • Hold Document

Parked documents provide the user with the ability to create a posting document, save it to facilitate additional processes such as manager approval prior to posting. Parked documents can be posted either individually or via a list. When posting several parked documents via a list, the system issues a list that details each parked document’s disposition, detailing a reason if the document could not be posted.Should a parked document reject upon posting, the list can be used to facilitate correction. A batch input (SAP’s ability to process multiple documents simultaneously.) session can be created from the list to subsequently post the parked documents. Parked documents data is stored in a separate table from standard posting data. When a parked document is actually posted, the data from the parked document is deleted from the parked documents database. The document data is then written to the standard documents posting database? and the appropriate data is updated. Parked documents can be selected for reporting purposes and their status should be evaluated as part of the monthly close process.

Hold documents are user defined and managed. They are intended to be temporary in nature offering the user the ability to save incomplete documents when necessary. Workflow functionality can not be configured for hold documents. Hold documents can only be displayed and posted by the user that created them. Hold documents should be cleared as part of the monthly close process.

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