Budget Control System(BCS) Training Manual

On November 24, 2008, the SAP Finance system will be migrated from the former budgeting module to the Budget Control System (BCS) module. The transactions that you are currently using within SAP-FI to monitor your budget will be changing. Budget transfers will no longer be parked using FR69. Instead, you will be using the Budgeting Workbench (FMBB) to pre-post your budget transfers.

Similarly, the SAP-FI on-line budget reports will also be changing. Please note that you will continue to use ZBUDSTAT_CF or ZBUDSTAT_EX_CF to view your budgets and transactions for fiscal year 2008 and prior. However, any transactions processed for fiscal year 2009 and after will need to be viewed using transaction ZFM02 or ZFM02_EXP. This training manual is being provided to assist you in monitoring your budget using the BCS module.

Changes in BCS that will be reviewed later in this document

Parked Transfer FR69 changes to Pre-Posted document FMBB
No need to input Fund or BDGT on transfer, it automatically fills it in!
Ability to do multiple transfers on one document even if they are in different funds
Ability to enter different text for each line item
Ability to copy line item to one below to save data entry
Ability to “hold” a document if you can’t finish it right away.
Ability to track posted, pre-posted, undone, and held documents.
Report transaction and generation changes
Report view allows user to switch between report views without re-running transaction
This eliminates the need for multiple report transactions

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  1. Hi,Does someone knows if there’s any Standard cube for BW that connects through BCS and creates dimensions and metrics standard and then i can use afford Business Objects for reports ?

    The erp version is 6.0 and netweaver 7. Thankyou!

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