Stock Types in SAP

Used in the determination of available stock of a material, the Stock Type is the sub-division of inventory at a storage location based on the use of that inventory. In SAP, there are many kinds of stock types:

Valuated Stocks are the stocks which belongs to your company. There are three types of valuated stocks

  • Unrestricted Stock is the physical stock that is always available at a plant/storage location
  • Quality Inspection Stock is not counted for unrestricted use and may be made available for MRP. To give an example, you want to do inspection on arrival, you shift your stock to Quality inspection stock then you do the quality inspection
  • Blocked stock is not counted as unrestricted stock and is not available for MRP.

Non Valuated stock is the stock which you will keep in your premised and this is not valuated in your company

  • The GR-blocked stock denotes all the stock accepted ‘conditionally’ from the vendors. This stock is not considered available for ‘unrestricted use.’ You will use the Movement Type 103 for the GR-blocked stock and Movement Type 101 is used for a normal GR.

Special stock is the stock managed separately that does not belong to company or that are stored at particular location

2 thoughts on “Stock Types in SAP”

  1. You mention “Quality Inspection Stock may be made available to MRP…” where is this configured in SAP ?

  2. Hi,

    In order to customize the availability of blocked stock go to img
    Materials Management ->Consumption-Based Planning ->Planning ->
    MRP Calculation -> Stocks -> Define Stock in Transfer and Blocked Stock Availability
    In column bocked if checked the stock type is taken into account in MRP running as available.


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