Goods Movement Types in SAP MM

In SAP Materials Management, goods movement is distinguished using a three digit key which is called the “movement type”. The movement type is important because it controls the screen layout, adjustment of inventories, the GL account for financial purposes etc. Goods movement have been discussed elaborately here. The various types of material movement types in SAP materials management MM are given below:

Below are some important list of Movement types in SAP

Movement TypeGoods Movement
101Goods receiving for ordering
104Goods receiving blocking status for ordering
122Return delivery to suppliers
201Goods outflow (WA) to cost centers
221Goods outflow to project
231Goods outflow to customer order
241Goods outflow to factory
251Goods outflow to sales
261Goods outflow to order
291Goods outflow for all account allocations
321Release from quality checking
551Goods outflow for scrap
321Release from quality checking
451Returns from customers
453Inventory to inventory transfers
501Goods receiving without order
511No cost delivery
521Internal goods receiving without manufacturing order
561Inventory taking

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  1. eddai says:

    Hi Pratib,
    do you mean aggregation on MIRO screen ?
    If so, aggregation layouts will be helpful if you are processing a list of invoices with a lot of line items. You can aggregate values per Material, Plant, Purchase Order and you can see the others in MIRO screen under PO Reference tab in the list of Layouts.
    SAP Help may also be useful

  2. Rhonda Miller says:

    Do the movement types in MIGO determine whether or not an item stored in the plant warehouse and is issued to an order is taxable or not.

    I’m trying to determine where this can be seen when the sales & use tax reports are done at the end of each month rather than manually looking through the list to detemine each and every line item issued.

  3. BLAS says:

    How or where can i get a report ( querie ) or transaction for what it has been received on a daily,weekly, monthly basis ?


    thanks all

  4. GLOUPS says:

    Blas : you should try transaction MB51, precise the date you want to analyse as well as the division & the mouvement type 101

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