Interactive Forms by Adobe

Interactive Forms based on Adobe software is SAP’s new solution for forms development as a part of Netweaver. First of all what are forms and what they are used for; Forms are documents used by end users to share knowledge, offer a service, collect and provide answers and etc..Smartforms and SAPscripts are other tools to create forms provided by SAP. There are two type of scenarios available for developers to create forms; Online and Offline Forms

  • Online Interactive Forms require SAP system access and users maintain forms working in Web Dynpro application.
  • Offline Interactive Forms does not require SAP system access. Users may download forms from a web service to their local storage, make updates and then may re-upload to web.

Key Capabilities of Interactive Forms

  • Integrate interactive PDF documents into business processes driven by SAP applications
  • Allow forms-based input combined with workflow to start automated follow-up steps
  • Generate forms that contain data extracted from SAP systems
  • Use dynamic or static forms
  • Complete forms online or offline
  • Submit data from the form back to SAP systems
  • Allow users to print forms

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