Weekly SDN Blogs Updates #4: New Adobe Flash, Scrap Calculation, e-Invoicing And More..

Welcome to 4th episode of Weekly SDN Blog Updates. This week’s popular topics are as follows;

  1. How to Handle Excel Documents with SAP PI
  2. This blog explains Excel documents handling in SAP Process Integration

  3. New Adobe® Flash®
  4. The introduction of Adobe® Flash® in SAP (formerly refered to as Flash Islands) last year marked a new milestone in the cooperation between SAP and Adobe. This new capability of Web Dynpro allows for the true integration of rich internet content based upon the Adobe Flex Platform into the primary SAP UI technologies. Thomas Jung gives a brief overview and links created on SCN in this entry

  5. Scrap Calculation
  6. This blog provides an overview of various scraps involved in day to day Production & Procurement activities, their dependencies and the calculation of scrap quantities.

  7. e-Invoicing Implementation in Companies
  8. In these times of economic uncertainty, there are many reasons a company may want to implement e-Invoicing processes with both their suppliers and their customers. In this blog, plan for implementing e-Invoicing highlighted.

  9. How To Install EHP 4 for SAP ERP
  10. This document serves as a set of step-by-step instructions for the installation of SAP enhancement package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0. It describes the necessary actions for configuring and using SAP Solution Manager as well as the most important steps in the SAP Enhancement Package installer.

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