Materials Management (MM) Integration in Other Modules

  • Integration in Financial Accounting

Purchasing maintains data on the vendors that are defined in the system jointly with Finance. Information on each vendor is stored in a vendor master record that contains both accounting and procurement information. The vendor master record represents the creditor account in Finance.

  • Integration in Sales and Distribution

Within the framework of materials planning and control, a requirement that has arisen in the Sales area can be passed on to purchasing. In addition, when a requisition is created, it can be directly assigned to a sales order. As soon as you enter a sales order, you can initiate a dynamic availability check of on hand stock.

  • Integration in Production Planning

Materials Management is closely linked to Production Planning through inventory needs. Inventory management is responsible for staging of components required for production.

  • Integration in Plant Maintenance

Materials Management and Plant Maintenance are linked by Bills of Materials. It is possible to post a good receipt with reference to an equipment BOM. It is also possible to withdraw part for maintenance orders. Serial numbers are activated in Materials Management but used within the Plant Maintenance system.

  • Integration in Logistics

The inventory management system can be extended by the Warehouse Management System (WMS), which manages storage bins in complex warehouse structures. While Inventory Management manages the stock quantity and value, WMS handles and monitors storage.

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