Transaction Keys in SAP Materials Management

Also known as ‘process keys,’ the ‘Transaction Keys’ are pre-defined in the system to enable transaction postings in Inventory Management and Accounting (Invoice Verification). For each of the movement types in MM, there is a value string that stores these possible transactions.
The pre-defined transaction keys are in OBYC tcode are:
  • BSX (used in Inventory Postings)
  • WRX (used in GR/IR Clearing Postings)
  • PRD (used to post Cost/Price differences)
  • UMB (used to post Revenue/Expenses from revaluation)
  • GBB (used in offsetting entries in Stock postings)

BSX, WRX, and PRD are examples of transaction keys that are relevant for a GR with reference to a purchase order for a material with standard price control. The transaction key UMB is used when the standard price has changed and the movement is posted to a previous period. Likewise,
GBB is used to identify the GL account to post to as the offsetting entry to the stock account (when not referencing a purchase order) such as miscellaneous goods receipts, goods issues for sales orders with no account assignment, and scrapping.

Download PDF – Full List of Transaction Keys in SAP Materials Management

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