SD Integration With Other Modules

Sales and Distribution integrates with a variety of other modules. Your company manages customer orders from initial request for product to the receipt and posting of customer payment as part of the Customer Order Management cycle.

To begin the cycle, your company typically enters customer orders which contain customer and product information, as well as delivery schedules. Order entry personnel use this information to advise customers about prices and delivery dates before they confirm an order. Here Sales and Distribution integrates with Materials Management for availability checking. For make to order product, Sales and Distribution integrates with Production Planning so that the product is made to satisfy the customer order requirement. Delivery and billing processing both integrate with Project Systems.

Following order entry, your company schedules and organizes customer orders for optimal delivery. Product is picked in the Warehouse Management module (noting any discrepancies from the ordered quantity) and print the shipping documents. When the delivery is released to the customer (truck leaves the dock), inventory quantities must be reduced and the general ledger must be updated appropriately. Here Sales and Distribution, by means of Posting Goods Issue, integrates with Materials Management and Financial Accounting and possibly Controlling.
After you deliver the product, an invoice must be generated and the transaction posted to the general ledger. The Financial Accounting periodically reviews the customer’s open items and posts the incoming payments when received.

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