Document Splitting in New General Ledger

New General Ledger (or new G/L) in the SAP ERP system offers a powerful feature known as document splitting. With document splitting, accounting line items are split according to specific characteristics This way, you can create financial statements for entities such as Segments and meet legal requirements. This document also explains the basics steps of Passive splitting, Active splitting — Rule-based splitting and Splitting using zero balancing with examples. At the end you will see a step by step Document Splitting examples to familiarize with process.

Download – Document Splitting in New General Ledger

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  2. Is it possible to book an entry to a profit center that is not linked to a cost center? For instance, if an accrual entry was booked incorrectly to the wrong profit center…the expense account was assigned a cost center and the balance sheet account was assigned to a different profit center with f-02. Or would Document Splitting balance the entry between profit centers?

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