SAP PP Capacity Planning User Manual

In recent version of SAP, Work Centre works with  infinite capacity. After MRP Run, even if a particular Work Centre is overloaded, one will be able to Complete Production Order defined at that particular Work Centre.

Capacity Evaluation can be used for analysis purpose & capacity Leveling can be used manually to allocate the load to different Work Centre. Capacity evaluations is used to analyse capacity loads. One can adjust the analyses for each user according to the planning level, planning horizon and the area of responsibility. Available capacities and capacity requirements can be selected according to various criteria and cumulated
using any period split one chooses. 

In this guide you will evaluate CM01, CM02, CM03, CM04, CM05 transactions and learn every bits of them.

In the second part you will explore Capaticy Leveling which of the objectives are:

  • Leveling overloads and underloads at work centers
  • Achieving optimum commitment of machines and production lines
  • Selection of appropriate resources

The capacity leveling process in production planning (PP) depends on the planning level at which it is to be carried out. After reading this material you will learn the differences between following planning levels;

  • Long-term planning (LTP)
  • Material requirements planning (MRP)
  • Shop floor control (SFC)

Download – SAP PP Capacity Planning User Manual

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