SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 PP End-User Manuals – Part 1

It has been a long time since i posted Production Planning related documents, information. Sorry for the few posts under PP, i will try to post more as i get more. I decided share some end-user manuals in two part. I do not need to create a series like i did for SAP Press Books Sample Chapters Collection as this will not last long. Here is the first part which you will find step-by-step guides with accompanying screen shots and notes for

  1. Demand Management
  2. Capacity Planning
  3. Routing
  4. Work Centre

Demand Management

Demand Management is used to determine requirement quantities and delivery dates for a product is created. Read more about Demand Management. Following processes are covered step by step in this document

  1. Create Planned Independent Requirement (PIR) through MD61
  2. Change&Display PIR
  3. Create a plan with simulation version 02 with MD61
  4. Create planning scenario in MS31
  5. Take planning run with MS01
  6. Result evaluation with MS04
  7. To convert the non active planning version into active MS64 – Copy Version

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is used to avoid overloads and optimize the load on plant production capacity. For a better understand MRP ensures materials availability, capacity planning ensures available capacity. Learn Purpose, Integration and Features of Capacity Planning. Following processes are covered step by step in this document;

  1. Load Work Centre (CM01); Display Period, Capacity Requirements, Capacity Load..
  2. View Work Centre ; Orders Wise (CM02), Back Log Wise (CM04), Over Load Wise (CM04)
  3. Capacity Leveling


Routing defines the sequence of operations that should be carried at a work center to make up a product. A very good online documentation is worth to read about Routing at SAP Help. Following processes are covered step by step in this document;

  1. Create Standart Routing (CA01)
  2. Change Routing (CA02)
  3. Display Routing (CA03)

Work Centre

The Work centre is a place where the single or multiple operations are done to produce the Product. The work centre can be defined for Machine, Labour, Group of Machine and Group Of Labour (i.e. Man Power). This is required to define to establish the capacity of the Work Centre, Costs incurred on the work centre and derive the product cost. Following processes are covered step by step in this document;

  1. Create Work Centre (CR01)

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  1. Craig Jones says:

    Do you know what a PMAT in SAP is?

    I am trying to figure out how to load demand against several different part numbers and have SAP give me the ordering requirements for the components I need to purchase.

    Can you help me with this?

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