How to Display Menu and IMG Path for New GL

To display the menu for the new General Ledger and the IMG path for implementing the new General Ledger, proceed as follows.

  1. Execute the following step in the IMG (Implementation Guide):
    Transaction SPRO -> Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Activate New General Ledger Accounting. This is identical to transaction code FAGL_ACTIVATION. This creates the necessary entry in the table FAGL_ACTIVEC. The entry in the table FAGL_ACTIVEC is not only the activation indicator. It also saves information about, for example, document splitting.
    Customizing of New General Ledger Accounting is now enabled, the system now displays the IMG path and new General Ledger application menu.
  2. Immediately after step 1), deactivate the new General Ledger again in transaction FAGL_ACTIVATION. The necessary entry remains in the table FAGL_ACTIVEC. If the new General Ledger is not active in any other client of this system, the IMG path disappears again.
  3. Run the report RFAGL_SWAP_IMG_NEW. As a result, the system displays the path in the IMG again

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