SAP Accounts Payable End-User Training Manual

This course will focus on how SAP Accounts Payable module manages Vendor transactions and activities.

The starting point of the course will introduce the concept of Vendor Master Record’s creation and will give explanations with regards as to how they will relate to transactional processes. The course will also touch on the structures of Vendor Master Record and their significance to processes that are critical to Accounts payables accounting in the recording of accounting transactions such as expenses, adjustments and also assist in areas of internal and external reporting.

Master records fields and their impact on transactional processing will also be under focus. During this course you will be taken through the steps of the creation of the Vendor Master Records execute transactional processes in areas of: parking, posting, document
changing, accounts clearing, document reversals, reporting and processing of invoices for payment using various methods payments namely check, efts ( electronic funds transfers) and transfers

The SAP system allows for the viewing of documents at each stage of processing which makes it easy to track a transaction from the beginning to the end and also make it easy to analyze the related documents as you can navigate from the initial document going back
wards. This is due to integration of modules in the SAP system

Course Goals

At the completion of the course the delegates should be able to

  1. Understand the components of the SAP FI-AP Module,
  2. Understand the integration between FI-AP and other R/3 modules,
  3. Understand the SAP terminology and vocabulary,
  4. Process business transactions and generate required reports.

Course Content

  • Unit 1  : Finance  organizational elements  and Master data in Accounts Payable
  • Unit 2 : Accounting Transactions in Accounts payable
  • Unit 3 : Advance payments in Accounts payable
  • Unit 4  : Automatic outgoing  payments  process & check voiding
  • Unit 5  : Periodic processes
  • Unit 6 : Vendor Reports

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  1. what is the difference between FCH3 Void Cheque- FCH7 Void and reprint cheque
    FCH8 reverse cheque payment and FCH9 Void issued cheque all cheques paid via automated system

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