SAP New General Ledger Accounting Functions

The new general-ledger accounting software in mySAP ERP can help companies like yours address these issues. mySAP ERP now provides a unified structure that combines individual ledgers – such as the cost-of-sales, profit-center-accounting, and consolidation-staging ledgers. With this structure you can:

  • Considerably accelerate your period-end closings
  • Flexibly perform reporting tasks based on data reconciled in real time
  • Efficiently handle financial reporting, according to both local and international accounting principles

This document explains how the new general-ledger software in mySAP ERP incorporates the new features. It also describes how you can make the transition from the general-ledger accounting functionality in SAP® R/3® software to the new general ledger.

Download – SAP New General Ledger Accounting Functions

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  1. Hi, I am studying SAP FI/CO & while practising i am getting an error that “Account not created in Chart of Accounts” how to solve this error.

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