ABAP Objects Obsolete Statements – Solutions to Syntax Errors

ABAP Objects are introduced in release 4.5. ABAP Objects contains a complete set of object-oriented statements. Object orientation in ABAP builds on existing language and is largely compatible with it. Statements in ABAP Objects cover almost the complete ABAP language set ; however , specific obsolete language constructs are not allowed in connection with ABAP objects due to clean-up of the ABAP language.
Statements those are made obsolete in ABAP OOP context are not necessarily related to Unicode programs, though the introduction of Unicode certainly changes the strictness of syntax checks. It is important to note that the Unicode changes are a different set of changes compare to changes in ABAP Objects.

This document contains obsolete syntax for ABAP Objects and show the language constructs by which the obsolete syntax can be replaced.

Download ABAP Objects Obsolete Statements Solution Document

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