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Well, i guess almost all FICO Consultants must have heard about site. It is the one of the most popular site selling Configuration Staff like site does. When you browse their site you may not find any link to download sample documents visible, they only provide with email. Using my Google Search tricks i have explored some hidden gems on site. When i check the dates files uploaded, so i thought they can’t be unaware of this issue. You can read my Google Search tips article if you want to find the documents hosted on site, but i will provide you here direct links. So lets start;

SAP Query

SAP Query is a very powerful tool in SAP to get reports quickly without any programming knowledge. Thus an SAP consultant does not have to depend on an ABAP programmer to get a report developed.

In this document two scenarios covered for creating SAP Query:

  • 1st scenario: All information is available in a single table. This kind of query is a very simple query.
  • 2nd scenario: Information required is spread in 2 different tables. Thus you need to create a join between the 2 tables using a common field.

Download SAP Query Guide

Schedule Manager Configuration

Schedule Manager provides a cross application single point of entry for all transactions related to closing process. In this document you will see a very simple form of Schedule Manger configuration without
using the flow definition.

Download Schedule Manager Configuration

New General Ledger Structure Configuration

With ECC 6 lot of new functionalities are introduced in the General ledger such as New GL. New GL has now an added dimension of Profit center and segment accounting in it. New GL functionality is very useful for companies which have multiple parallel reporting such as local reporting, Parent reporting and tax reporting. With New GL structure now, no separate GL codes are required. You configure separate ledgers for each reporting and manage it in each ledger separately. And with this document you will learn how it is configured

Download New General Ledger Structure Configuration

Extended Withholding Configuration

Withholding tax is an Income tax which is deducted at the source of the revenue. The party that is subject to tax does not remit the withholding tax to the tax authorities himself.

You will cover the Extended withholding tax functionality in this e-book. You will also learn broad configuration aspects of extended withholding tax, without getting into each country specifics. Since each country has its
own forms and different reporting requirements.

Download Extended withholding Tax Configuration

Trouble Shooting in SAP Configuration

In this document you will learn how you will trouble shoot missing configuration steps.  3 types of cases are broadly covered which you will come across after having done the basic configuration.

Download Troubleshooting in SAP Configuration

Maintaining Customizing Directly in Production System

Often you require maintaining certain transactions which calls customizing table in the live production system. But a live production system is a non modifiable client and is not open for customizing. In this material you will explore what requires to be done so that the transactions can be directly maintained in the production system

Download Maintaining Customizing Directly in Production System

SAP Product Costing Master Data

In this e-book you will learn the various master data required for the product costing module. Most of the master data is dependent on the Production planning module (PP module).

It is imperative for a Product costing consultant to understand the master data created in the Production planning module and its implications on product costing.

Download SAP Product Costing Master Data

SAP Legacy System Migration Workbench

LSMW an abbreviation for Legacy System Migration Workbench is a tool in SAP that is used to migrate Legacy data into SAP.

Thus upload of master data and transaction data is made very simple in this tool. You can use this tools in almost all modules for upload of master data and too some extent transaction data also.

Thus in FI you can upload the following master data through this:
Vendors, Customers, General Ledger, Asset master, Bank Master.
You can upload Transaction balance through this i.e. an FI document.

In CO you can upload the following master data:
Cost element, Cost center, Profit center, Activity types, Internal orders, Statistical key figures

In this book you will learn the creation of a Vendor master data with accounting view.

Download LSMW Guide

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