SAP Press Books Sample Chapter Collections – Part 1

SAP PRESS is the premier publisher of technical and strategic books for the SAP community. On this site, you will find a wide range of titles to help you master SAP technology and complete key SAP projects more efficiently. I also wanted to purchase some SAP Press books but they are not available for sale in our country yet. Purchasing from the nearest country costs more than book’s prices with shipping cost. But as far as i know Online Service will be available soon for SAP Press books.

In this first part of series, i want to share with you sample chapters of SAP Press books which i think they would even would be very useful for us. This series may last long, so bear with me please. So here is the first shares :

SAP R/3 System Administration

Sample Chapter: Background Processing

This chapter focuses on the management of background jobs. You will learn how to schedule background jobs by time and by event and how to analyze the flow traces.

Download SAP R/3 System Administation – Background Processing

Business Planning With SAP SEM

Sample Chapter: Basics of Business Planning

The goal of this document is to bring reader up to speed with the state of business planning as it is discussed in the current SEM literature. The first section, available in this document, introduces basics of business planning with the structure, flow, and integration of planning.

Download Business Planning With SAP SEM – Basics of Business Planning

Quality Management With SAP

Sample Chapter: Quality Inspection

This chapter describes how to create inspection lots and how you can perform planned ( and even unplanned ) inspections

Download Quality Management With SAP – Quality Inspection

HR Personnel Planning and Development Using SAP

Sample Chapter : Skill Management

In this chapter you will learn that mySAP provides a very good basis for IT support of skill management

Download HR Personnel Planning and Development Using SAP – Skill Management

SAP Authorization System

Sample Chapter : Embedding in the Internal Control System

This chapter focuses on Internal Control System, which is embedded in the enterprise security philosophy. This chapter emphasizes that SAP R/3 authorization concept is the only component of the security environment within an enterprise, and must be integrated within the overall security concept.

Download SAP Authorization System – Embedding in the Internal Control System

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