SAP Press Books Sample Chapter Downloads – Part 4

Before starting this series, I also did not have any chance to view most of the sample chapters shared here.  Actually it helps a lot me too and they are now most valuable documents in my archive. This part of series also comes in handy ones you should not miss

  • What are the benefits of Structural Authorizations in SAP HCM ?
  • Creating your first program in ABAP Editor
  • Segment Reporting in SAP Financial Reporting
  • Critical aspects of Internal Tables processing in ABAP
  • An Overview of Bank Accounting in SAP Financials

Authorization in SAP HR

Sample Chapter : Structural Authorization Check

In SAP ERP HCM, many things don’t work without a structural authorization check — or only if a great deal of maintenance effort is involved. This chapter describes the benefts of structural authorizations and where you can best use them.

Authorization in SAP HR – Structural Authorization Check

Discover ABAP

Sample Chapter : Programming in the ABAP Editor

This chapter shows you how to use the ABAP editor to create, activate, and execute your first program. It familiarizes you with ABAP
statements and shows you how to take the first steps in working with the ABAP editor.

Discover ABAP – Programming in the ABAP Editor

Financial Reporting with SAP

Sample Chapter : Segment Reporting

Evaluating the range of options that are available for segment reporting within the SAP ERP system is complex, primarily due to the multitude of possible implementation solutions. Additionally, it is diffcult to isolate a decision through the segment reporting approach from overall decisions regarding the integrated reporting strategy and the underlying system architecture. The emphasis in this chapter is on recommending the best foundations of segment reporting design. In addition, we explain the key reports in SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver BI to comply with segment reporting requirements.

Financial Reporting with SAP – Segment Reporting

ABAP Performance Tuning

Sample Chapter : Processing of Internal Tables

Ineffcient accesses to internal tables are a frequent cause of long-running ABAP programs. This particularly applies to the processing of large data volumes. This chapter describes the most critical aspects for ABAP developers for the processing of internal tables.

ABAP Performance Tuning – Processing of Internal Tables

Discover SAP ERP Financials

Sample Chapter : Bank Accounting

This chapter focuses on bank accounting component allows you to manage house banks and bank accounts to create and process different types of payments, and to process follow-up and month-end activities such as bank statement reconciliations.

Discover SAP ERP Financials – Bank Accounting

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