SAP Press Books Sample Chapter Collections – Part 2

Last week, i started a series for SAP Press Book’s sample chapters which are freely available. Not in any particular order, I will provide you descriptions and download links of each chapters available for direct download.

This week you will find links for Exceptions and Error handling in ABAP, a brief guide to Computer Aided Test Tool (CATT), Workflow Administration in SAP, SQL usage in SAP and Reporting Guide in SAP HR. Hope even the sample chapters would be useful for you.

Enhancing the Quality of ABAP Development

Sample Chapter: Exceptions and Error Handling

In this chapter most important aspects of exception handling is discussed.

Download Enhancing the Quality of ABAP Development – Exceptions and Error Handling

Migrating Your SAP Data

Sample Chapter: Computer Aided Test Tool (CATT)

This chapter describes how you can use a tool – The Computer Aided Test Tool (CATT) that was originally developed to test business processes – for migration. The major benefits of the CATT are that it can be used in nearly all applications and enables you to avoid programming entirely during data migration.

Download Migrating Your SAP Data – Computer Aided Test Tool (CATT)

Practical Workflow for SAP

Sample Chapter: Workflow Administration

The administrator plays a key role in the success of the workflow and on publishing this success to stakeholders. Although very little time needs to be spent on these duties, awareness of these duties is important and they must be taken seriously. If a problem does arise, the administrator will need to resolve it quickly and confidently.

Download Practical Workflow for SAP – Workflow Administration

SAP Database Administration with MS SQL Server 2000

Sample Chapter: How the SAP System Uses SQL

This chapter describes the components within SAP work processes that constitute the interface between SAP and SQL Server. Furthermore, it describes the connections from the SAP work processes to SQL Server. and explains how ABAP statements request data from the database, and how data is returned to the SAP System.

Download SAP Database Administration with MS SQL Server 2000 – How the SAP System Uses SQL

mySAP HR: Technical Principles and Programming

Sample Chapter: Reporting in HR

This chapter focuses on the appearance of reports in HR for various applications. Examples throughout illustrate the necessary basic elements for creating HR Reports.

Download mySAP HR: Technical Principles and Programming – Reporting in HR

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