Configuration & End User Guide to SAP FI Accounts Receivable

This manual, similar to the previously shared Accounts Payable guide, describes how Accounts Receivable related configuration and key-user transactions are maintained in SAP. Each instruction is provided with screenshots from SAP, menu paths & transaction codes.The list of content covered in this guide is as follows:

  • Creation of Customer Account Groups [OBD2]
  • Create No Ranges for Customer Account Groups [XDN1]
  • Assign No Ranges to Customer Account Groups [OBAR]
  • Creation of GL Accounts [FS00]
  • Define Document Number Ranges [OBA7/FBN1]
  • Define Tolerance Groups for Customers [OBA3]
  • Creation of Customer Master Data [XD01]
  • Post of Sales Invoice [F-22]
  • How to View Customer Account [FBL5N]
  • Incoming Payment [F-28]
  • View Customer Account [FBL5N]
  • Link between Debtors and Advance from Customers [OBXR]
  • Advance Receipt Posting [F-29]
  • Clear Customer Down Payment [F-39]
  • Define Credit Control Area [OB45]
  • Assign Company code to Credit control Area [OB38]
  • Create Risk Categories [OB01]
  • Define Credit Limit for Customer [FD32]
  • Define Dunning Area [OB61]
  • Define Dunning Procedure [FBMP]
  • Assign Dunning Procedure to Customer Master Records [XD02]
  • Execute Dunning [F150]

Download – Configuration & End User Guide to SAP FI Accounts Receivable

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