Best of SAP Sites OPML for your Reader

Since i created a directory for SAP related blogs, i pay more attention on exploring and visiting new, fresh and frequently updated sites. But by time it becomes harder to keep all posts and inevitably you may miss some good posts.

Many of you know me personally, from my about page or from some talks i made in posts, I’m a self-taught SAP aspirant. And also because of being a blogger, i have to track other SAP blogs to improve my SAP knowledge and deliver them to you. At the beginning, yes it was too much time-consuming to follow updates of other sites but not anymore. So what is the solution ?

The solution is, as some of you know is Google Reader. I will not tell you what it is for, but you can read it at Wikipedia. You can add any site’s RSS to your reader and easily track latest updates inside your reader without going to site. So you want to add SAP blogs to your reader, but no time to add them one by one ?

Here i created an OPML file, which allows you to import multiple feeds in one go. I think I’m nice enough to do this favor to you :-) . I created one for the SAP Blogs i know about, and which i added and add regularly on my SAP Directory. Let’s start, first download OPML file below

Download SAP Blogs OPML File

How To Import ?

You must have google account for your google reader. After having your account, you can easily import OPML file into your reader with the following easy steps:

  1. Login to Google Reader
  2. Click Settings on top right of your screen
  3. Select Import/Export tab
  4. Browse for your OPML file
  5. Click Open
  6. Click Upload
  7. You will see the following displayed until it is done:

Your subscriptions are being imported..

Final Notes…

I added also non-English sites to OPML file. I will be add more SAP sites both to my Directory and OPML file by time, so i will be updating this topic regularly too.

If you have SAP related blog that is not in my list, I’m sorry i must have missed it, but you can let me know by Submitting Your Site.

Did you find this post useful ? Then just please give some feedback :)

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  1. Hi Eddai,

    This collection is very useful for me.
    I have found great FI-CO blogs among them.
    Thaks a lot,

  2. Hi Eddai,

    great Website! Thanks for your effort and the interesting articles!

    Greetins from Austria,

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