Common Confusions about SAP Terms&Versions Changes

For a newbie one of the tough thing is to stay up to date with the recent SAP versions and name changes. As a beginner, I also had some difficulty and been confused with the releases of the SAP. Do not feel yourself alone for this issue, as many complains arises for the naming scheme changes by users. I might still being  confused, so please correct me if the following list is wrong.

Old Term New Term
Netweaver 2004s Netweaver 7.0 (2004s) Or only Netweaver 7.0
mySAP ERP 2005(runs on Netweaver 2004s) SAP ERP 6.0
SAP Solution Manager 2004 SAP Solution Manager 2007
SAP Netweaver BI SAP Netweaver BW
Business Intelligence Accelerator  (BIA) Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA)

Note that the table above shows only name changes, not upgrade or updates. Besides i also want to point out that Netweaver 2004 and Netweaver 2004s are also not the same!

I should definitely suggest you reading A Guide to SAP Terms document written by Jon Reed , you can also follow Jon on Twitter


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  1. Isn’t “BW” the old term and “BI” the new one? I know it used to be called BW back in the day, and then it changed to BI – Has it changed back to BW again??

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