SAP MM CIN Excise Configuration Guide

In one of my previous posts, I shared with you Excise Invoice User Manual . I have recently come across a Configuration Guide of Excise Invoice for Country India Version (CIN) .

In this article author explains every bit of Excise Invoice starting with describing terms, then goes step by step configuration procedures with accompanying notes. For those who are new to this area, this article will make it simply easy to understand the required CIN settings. Covered steps are as following

  • Definition and types of Excise Duty
  • Basic SAP MM CIN Settings
  • Maintaining Master Data
  • Account Determination
  • Incoming Excise Invoices, Subcontracting, Excise Register

SAP MM CIN Excise Configuration Guide for

7 thoughts on “SAP MM CIN Excise Configuration Guide”

  1. The Document is good and clarified every thing in CIN with respect to ED.

    We are having doubts in maping of CIN in SEZ units.

    Please give us a detailed notes on this topic

  2. I have a US based customer who does lots of intercompany stock transfers using scheduling agreements rather than PO. They are now setting up a plant in Chennai and will roll out SAP with CIN. SAP told them that this process is not directly supported in SAP CIN and will have to be enhanced to support taxes, duties etc. Do you have any inputs around these, workarounds, suggested enhancements/add-ons etc?

  3. Panchangam Nagendra.

    I need detailed information about CIN configuration (SAP-MM), Stock Transfers, Sheduling agreements rather than PO, Prices, Excise duties etc.

    Thanking you


  4. I would like to Vendor Master configuration, specially partner determination. anyone can help me

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