SAP SD CIN Presentation: Concepts, Configuration and More…

In this presentation you will find a comprehensive content regarding to SAP India localization with respect to Sales And Distribution module. Following are headlines from the document

  • Indian tax structures defined: Direct Taxes (Capital Tax, Personal income tax) and Indirect Taxes ( Excise duties, Sales taxes and Service taxes)
  • Excise duties and Sales taxes defined and differences explained.
  • Types of excise duties: Basic Excise duty, Additional Excise duty, Special Excise duty are explained.
  • Sales Processes are shown in detail: Sales from factory, Sales from Depot…
  • A common word CENVAT is described.
  • Condition based tax procedure TAXINN configuration is shown.
  • Excise Register defined and types of Excise Registers listed.
  • Tax/Excise Duty set up for MM & SD is explained step by step with screenshots.
  • You will be guided through basic settings of Excise Registration ID’s, Company Code, Plant, Excise groups, Series groups, Excise Duty Indicators,
  • CENVAT Utilization explained.

Download – SAP SD CIN Presentation

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