Your roadmap to your first SAP job – SAP Unveiled launches

SAP Unveiled launches today and here is what you will find in the member’s area.

Information on how to kick start your SAP career

The second section of the site will cover the aspects of securing your first SAP job and ensuring you can launch your new career in SAP. Here are some of the questions addresed in the second section.

  • How to get affordable online or classroom training in SAP
  • Where did I get my own training in SAP Business Intelligence?
  • Why you should not agree when the experts say certification is absolutely useless.
  • How to write a compelling CV/Resume that stands out from thousands
  • 5 ways to structure elements on your CV to make it 80% more effective
  • How to make your ideal job come looking for you and not the other way around and how this technique is being used by a small number of people to get their dream job.
  • How to make the hiring manager think of you when he is looking to recruit for that new role.

Information on SAP Modules

You need to inform yourself on the SAP modules so you can choose which is right for you. The first module that is covered is the SAP CRM (Customer relationship management) module.

You will learn

  • What background you need to be an SAP CRM consultant
  • How to get the background needed for SAP CRM
  • Why $11 billion will secure the future of CRM consultants
  • Who are the top companies implementing SAP CRM? These are your potential employers
  • Are SAP CRM consultants in demand?
  • How much can you earn as an SAP CRM consultant?
  • Is SAP CRM for you?

You decide what comes next, FICO. HCM, Netweaver etc

These are the questions that I address in the SAP CRM part of the course. New modules will be added frequently and guess who decides which module will be covered next? You.

As you can see, there is so much you will learn in SAP Unveiled, it is only open till Friday 2nd April
so claim your spot before it is too late.

Click here to go to SAP Unveiled

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