4 steps to your new SAP job

This is part 2 of the series of articles that are being released on SAP Unveiled. This article takes you through four steps you can take to help you land your first SAP job.

You may have done some form of training or the other and have started looking on the SAP job boards for vacancies. Your frustrations may start to arise when you find out that the companies are looking for SAP consultants with years of experience.

The traditional methods of searching for jobs and blasting out multiple applications in the hope of getting lucky are not as effective anymore. In this article, you will find out

  • How to know if an SAP module fits your background
  • Why the SAP website is not the best place to find information for freshers
  • What the experts are not telling you about getting SAP certification
  • 2 alternatives to an online job board when searching for SAP jobs

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