How to Find Companies That Will Hire You Without SAP Experience

This is the article that everyone has been waiting for on SAP Unveiled.

Why is this the case? If you have tried to look for SAP jobs on any of the job boards
out there, you will soon notice that there are no jobs for people without years of experience
This is the “chicken and egg” problem that many people face today in starting a new career
or shifting focus to a new career.

The key to doing this is to find companies that will hire you and train you in your desired SAP
module. The most interesting thing about these companies is that they will pay you a salary while you
are being trained. Crazy isn’t it?’

On SAP Unveiled, this article will let you know

  • Why these companies hire people without SAP experience
  • An example of three companies that have the policy of hiring SAP “freshers”

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