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Month-End Closing in SAP comprises activities involved in closing a posting period. This document contains several steps and transactions used within the Month-End Closing process for a specific company. After a brief introduction a detailed explanation of the transactions in the main part of the documentation follows. Find below a list of transaction processes covered in this guide;

  • Payroll
  • Transaction F-02 (Payroll Expenses Input)

  • Revision of Material
  • Transaction KKAO (Calculate Work in Process: Collective Processing), Transaction KKS1 (Variance Calculation: Collective Processing), Transaction CO88 (PO Settlement: Collective Processing), Transaction KO8G (Settlement of Internal Orders)

  • Adjustment and Process Maintenance
  • Transaction F.50 (Profit and Loss Adjustment), Transaction F.5D (Calculate Balance Sheet Adjustment), Transaction F.5E (Post Balance Sheet Adjustment), Transaction F.05 (Foreign Currency Valuation)

  • Expenses Allocation
  • Transaction KSV5 (Allocations Distribution)

  • Scrap and Material Valuations
  • Transaction S_ALR_87012284 (Scrap Reclassification), Transaction ZCOPC (Balance Sheet Valuation), Transaction MB51 (Report of Monthly Scrap), Transaction KB51 (MAT & QUA Maintenance), Transaction KEU2 (Cycle Maintenance)

  • Maintenance
  • Transaction KB51 (MAT & QUA Maintenance) , Transaction KEU2 (Cycle Maintenance)

  • Sales & Cost of Sales
  • Personnel Expenses
  • Transaction KSA3 (Social Benefits Actual Accrual), Transaction KO8G (Actual Settlement of Internal Orders)

  • Fixed Assets
  • Transaction AFAR (Recalculate Depreciation), Transaction RAANALYZE01 (Determine Locked CC and IO), Transaction AFAB (Posting Depreciation), Transaction ASKB (Periodic Asset Posting)

  • CO-PA Assessment
  • Transaction KEU5 (Run Assessment Cycles)

  • Variances Calculation
  • Transaction KSS1 (Variances Calculation for Cost Centers), Transaction KSS2 (Actual Fix/Variable Cost Splitting), Transaction KALC (Reconciliation FI-CO)

  • P & L Report
  • Transaction KE30 (Export of P&L Report)

  • Balance Statement
  • P&L Forecast

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