Commonly Used Transactions for EDI Support

Transaction               Function

 IDOC Maintenance

 WEDI                      SAP Easy Access – EDI and IDOC Basis

 WE02/05/09             Change/Display/Search IDOC

 WE07                      IDOC Statistics (IDOCs in Error)

 WE19                      Inbound IDOC Testing Tool

 BD87                       Process IDOC

 Business Documents  

 VA03/02                 Display/Change Sales Order

 VL03/02N               Display Outbound Delivery

 VF03/02                  Display/Change Invoice  

 Master Records

XD03                      Display Customer Master Records

MM03                     Display Material Master Records

XK03                      Display Vendor Master Records

VD53                      Customer Material Information Records (CMIR)

 Electronic Business Support

 WE20                      Electronic Trading Partner Profiles

 WE21                      Define SAP IDOC Ports

 VV12/22/32             Edit Sales/Shipping/Billing Output Condition

 SAP Data

 WE60/62                  SAP Data Dictionary

 SM30                       SAP Table Maintenance 

 CUNI                       ISO Units of Measure

 SE16                        View Table

 ABAP and Scheduled Jobs

 SM37                       SAP Job Log

 SE37                        Display Function Module

 SA38                        ABAP Program Execution

 EDI development

WE31                       Idoc segments
WE30                       Idoc types
WE81                       Message types
WE82                       Idoc type/message
WE31                       Outbound process code
BD51                        ALE attributes
WE57                       Message/application object
WE42                       Inbound process code

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