SAP CRM UI Cookbook: Step by Step Tutorials


This document provides instructions and step-by-step guides to following SAP CRM topics:

  • Define and assign Business Roles [CRMC_UI_PROFILE]
  • Define role configuration key
  • Define navigation bar profile
  • Transaction Launcher
  • MVC Concept
  • BOL & GenIL
  • Component Workbench:MVC
  • Controller
  • Context and Context Nodes
  • Config Tool
  • Window Concept
  • UI Elements: OVP, View Sets, View Areas and View
  • Component Concepts
  • Component & Custom Controllers
  • Global Data Context(GDC)
  • Enhancement Set
  • Enhancing Standard Components
  • Creation of a new component with views and viewsets
  • Creation of Buttons
  • Event Handling
  • Navigation Concepts

Download – SAP CRM UI Cookbook: Step by Step Tutorials

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1 thought on “SAP CRM UI Cookbook: Step by Step Tutorials”

  1. Hi,

    I have a requirement to add a 3rd party application inside the SAP CRM UI.
    Details of 3rd party application: This is a video conferencing application (like google hangout). So users of SAP CRM can have video chat with each other at any time.

    I need to know how can I place a new button on the SAP CRM UI (Web or standalone) so that on clicking it, the users can join the video call with each other.
    Your quick help is appreciated in advance.

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