Web Dynpro- 4 Days Training

This 4 Days Training slides gives core concept of Web Dynpro for newbies

  1. Day 1- Web Dynpro Introduction: In this presentation you will learn what Web Dynpro is and understand basic components of this tool
  2. Day 2- Context: This presentation gives Context term definition and use of Context Editor. Besides you will also learn Context Mapping and use of Data Modeler
  3. Day 3- UI Generation: You will learn how to create table UI elements, tree UI elements and fill them with data from context. Also you will get to know defining message text using Web Dynpro and three types of value help.
  4. Day 4- Adaptive RFC: After completing this unit you will understand what adaptive RFC is, and learn how to bind Web Dynpro context to adaptive RFC based model.

Download Web Dynpro- 4 Days Training

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