Web Dynpro- 4 Days Training

This 4 Days Training slides gives core concept of Web Dynpro for newbies

  1. Day 1- Web Dynpro Introduction: In this presentation you will learn how to describe the declarative programming approach used to create Web Dynpro applications
  2. Day 2- Context: This presentation gives definition of Web Dynpro Controller contents and function of each controller entity. Besides you will also learn differences between the component controller, custom controllers, view controllers, and window controllers
  3. Day 3- Navigation: You will learn the navigation between different views in a Web Dynpro applications.
  4. Day 4- Adaptive RFC: After completing this unit you will understand nodes and attributes in a controller’s context, Explain how the node property’s cardinality and singleton influence the memory allocation at runtime.

Download – Web Dynpro- 4 Days Training

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