Creation of Purchase Order Automatically

Create Purchase Order Automatically in Purchasing

For creation of purchase Order automatically from Purchase Requisitions we need to do the following additional settings in addition to our standard ones.
Activate ‘auto PO’ indicator for material master
Activate ‘auto PO’ indicator for vendor master
Create Purchase Requisitions using T Code ME51 or ME51N
Use T. Code ME59 or ME59N for auto conversion of PR into purchase order

Create Purchase Order Automatically in Inventory Management

For creation of purchase Order automatically in Inventory Management we need to do the following settings which are independent of the setting what we do in Purchasing for creation of automatic PO from PR.
Define one of the purchase organizations as Standard Purchase Organization
Assign your plant to Standard Purchase Organization
Maintain purchasing information record with price
Maintain the indicator for movement types 101 & 161
Define Default Values (MB01) for Document Type
Now you can enter a goods receipt without entering the purchase order number, a purchase order will be created automatically when you post the goods receipt. All such goods receipt will be valuated at the price maintained in the purchasing information record.
First you can try this with T. Code MB01 if it is working then try with T. Code MIGO, if you face any error or functionality is not working check with your basis consultant some authorization or some patches may be missing. Ask him to apply all relevant patches.

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