SAP FSCM Business Partner Settings Configuration Guide

This document contains instructions for basic configuration steps required to set up SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) Business Partner settings.
Configuration steps are covered for following list of each processes with descriptions, IMG Menu Paths and screenshots;

  • Define Business Partner Role Categories
  • Define Business Partner Roles and Assign BP Role Categories
  • Assign BP Roles to BP Role Category
  • Define Number Ranges
  • Define Groupings and Assign Number Ranges
  • Address Determination – Define Transactions
  • Address Determination – Define Address Types
  • Address Determination – Assign Transaction to Address Type
  • Set Geocoding – Process Geographical Data for Countries
  • Process Geographical Data for Countries and Regions
  • Maintain Tax Number Categories
  • Maintain Industry Systems and Industries
  • Define Number Ranges for Business Partner Relationship
  • Synchronization Objects
  • Activate PPO Requests for Platform Objects in the Dialog
  • Address Determination – Define Transactions
  • Set BP Role Category for Direction BP to Customer
  • Define BP Role for Direction Customer to BP
  • Define Number Assignment for Direction BP to Customer
  • Address Determination – Define Transactions
  • Activate Assignment of Contact Persons
  • Assign Industries
  • Synchronization of Mass Data

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