SAP FSCM Credit Management Configuration Guide [PDF – 40 Pages]

SAP Credit Management, a component of SAP Financial Supply Chain Management, enables automated scoring, risk class, and credit limit calculations using formulas; central management of these evaluations; integration of external credit information; and connection to SAP BW and SAP NetWeaver Portal.

In this PDF Configuration document, you will discover following topics and configuration setup procedures specialized in SAP Credit Management;

  • SAP Credit Management – Overview
  • Why SAP Credit Management 6.0 when there is R/3 Credit Management
  • Organizational Elements in SAP Credit Management-
  • Concept Credit Segment
  • Credit Segment Data for Business Partner
  • Customizing Organizational elements in FSCM – Credit Management
  • Create Credit Segment
  • Define Rating Procedure
  • Define Customer Credit Group
  • Define Formulas
  • Create Rule for Scoring and Credit Limit Calculation
  • Create Risk Classes
  • Define Blocking Reasons
    Define Checking Rules
  • Define Events and Follow-On Processes
  • Credit Management Integration with Accounts Receivable accounting –
    • Activate SAP Credit Management
    • Define Credit Segment
    • Assign Credit Segment to Credit Control Area
  • Credit Management Integration with Sales and Distribution
    • Assign Sales Area to Credit Control Area
    • Define Credit Groups
    • Assign Sales Documents and Delivery Documents
    • Define Automatic Credit Control
  • Maintaining Business Partner Master Data and Data Replication –
    • Activating Business Partner role in Credit Management
    • Define BP Roles
    • Data Replication and providing Business Partner Data
    • Master Data Synchronization
    • Synchronization Cockpit
    • Master Data Maintenance
  • XI Choreography in SAP Credit Management

Download PDF – SAP FSCM Credit Management Configuration Guide

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