SAP FSCM Dispute Management Configuration Guide

This guide provides instructions for basic configuration steps required to set up SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) Dispute Management module. This information is based on ECC 6.0 however, not all activities in the IMG have been included.

Configuration steps are covered for the following list of processes with descriptions, IMG Menu Paths and screenshots;

  • Case Record Model
  • Attribute Profile
  • Case Search
  • Function Profile
  • Text Profile
  • Status Management
  • Maintain Number Ranges
  • Case Type
  • Create Attribute Values
  • Workflow
    • Perform task-specific Customizing
    • Define Regular Processor for Dispute Cases
  • Process Integration
    • Define Automatic Status Changes
    • Define Text ID for Notes
    • Define Triggering Attributes for Document Changes
  • Process Integration with Accounts Receivable Accounting
    • Activate Process Integration for SAP Dispute Management
    • Define Default Values for Creation of Dispute Cases
    • Customer-Disputed Objects in Dispute Cases
    • Automatic Document Changes from Dispute Cases
  • Correspondence
    • Define and Configure Actions

Download – SAP FSCM Dispute Management Configuration Guide

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