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The integration of the various modules within SAP is sometimes an area where design and configuration is the weakest. As you might be aware of, the project teams are often divided into sub-teams by modules which results in inadequate attention being paid the way that the modules need to work together. Problems occur for a number of reasons like (a) SAP analysts sometimes lack the big picture view of the total business requirements and (b) there is an inadequate understanding of the (i) impacts that decisions in their modules may have on other modules and (ii) the demands that requirements in their area may make on other areas
This electronic book will help you to overcome those shortcomings as this offers the much required insight into this complex cross-modular integration in a step-by-step approach:


1. Organisation structure / relationships across modules
          Direct Assignment / Relationships
          Indirect Assignment
          Assignment through Periodic Integration
2. How to represent your Organisation Structure in SAP?
          Key SAP Organisation Elements / Structures
          SAP Master Data representing Organisation Structure
3. Core or Primary Relationships
          Financials, Controlling, Treasury
          Logistics (Materials Management and Sales and Distribution)
          Human Resources
4. Secondary Relationships
          Financials, Controlling & Integration with FI/CO
          Logistics / Sales and Distribution
          Materials Management
          Plant Maintenance
          Human Resources
5. How to determine FI Business Area?
6. Profit Centre Relationships
7. Relationships in CO-PA (Profitability Analysis)
8. Essentials of Company Code-Controlling Area Assignments

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