Step by Step Guide to Cash Journal Configuration in SAP

This is complied for understanding of basic concepts of cash journal configuration with steps of:

  • Creating Cash Journal (T. Code FS00)
  • Define Document Types for Cash Journal Document (T. Code OBA7)
  • Define Number Range Intervals for Cash Journal Document (T Code FBCJC1)
  • Setup Cash Journal (T Code FBCJCO)
  • Create Business Transactions ( T. Code FBCJC2)
  • Cash Journal Entry ( T Code FBCJ)

Download – Cash Journal Configuration in SAP

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  1. idreddy says:

    I have problem in FBCJ cash Payment transaction with Business Transaction and Tax code V0 ,with Cost center try to save ,system give an error saying that Tax code V0 does not exist in company code 1000, but i have alrady confgured the FTXP,OB40,FV11/fv12 completely and also assigned the Company code and Tax code in MM Logistics-General -Basic settings-assign tax codes to co code ,even then giving this error. can any one can give an idea / suggest the solution for resolve this issues
    Thanks in advance

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