SAP S/4 HANA FSCM: Cash and Liquidity Management Configuration

In SAP Financial Supply Chain Management, the Cash and Liquidity Management module provides functionality for managing cash positions and forecasting liquidity. The Cash Operations functionality is used for calculating the current cash position, while the Liquidity Forecast functionality is used for forecasting cash positions in the longer term.

To generate a liquidity forecast, the system uses information such as invoice payment terms, sales orders, vendor invoice payment terms, and purchase requests/orders to derive the forecasted incoming and outgoing payments. This helps organizations to plan their cash requirements in advance, and take necessary actions to ensure sufficient liquidity is available to meet their obligations.
This document provides a basic guide to maintaining related configuration settings for Cash Management in SAP FSCM:

  • Define Basic Settings
  • Define Planning Levels and Planning Groups
  • Define Flow Types for Cash Flow Statement Preparation
  • Data Setup to Activate Cash Management Reporting
  • Use Flow Builder
  • Derivation Rules for Assignment of Liquidity Items

Download – SAP S/4 HANA FSCM: Cash and Liquidity Management Configuration

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