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SAP PM Manual: Corrective Maintenance Process

The corrective maintenance in SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) module contains all the fundamental process steps followed whenever maintenance is performed.

This step-by-step SAP PM manual is intended to be guide for tasks involded in Corrective Maintenance procedure:

  • Creating a Notification [IW21]
  • Create Corrective Maintenance Order for notification [IW34]
  • Corrective Maintenance vs Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance vs Breakdown Maintenance

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SAP Procurement Training Manual for Beginners

After reading this training manual you will be able to understand procurement process from start to finish in SAP MM module. Crystal clear instructions, screenshots and key terminologies are provided for the main procurement processes like purchase requisition and goods receipt/return.

Content of SAP Procurement Training Manual is:

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SAP Materials Management: An Introductory Guide for Beginners

This SAP MM Guide will help you get started with basic concepts and processes maintained in Materials Management module. Following list of topics are covered with well formatted instructions, transaction codes & menu paths and screenshots;

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SAP HR Recruitment Configuration Guide

This SAP HR Recruitment Configuration guide will get you started on performing required customization procedures with step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

  • Workforce Requirements & Advertising Configuration Settings
    • Create Media
    • Create Recruitment Instruments
    • Create Addresses for Recruitment Instruments
  • Applicant Administration Configuration Settings
    • Create Personnel Officer
    • Applicant Structure
    • Create Applicant Groups
    • Create Applicant Ranges
    • Create Unsolicited Applicant Groups
  • Applicant Selection Configuration Settings
    • Applicant Status
    • Change Status Texts
    • Create Status Reasons
    • Set Permissible Status Reasons for Each Applicant Status
    • Set Permissible Vac Assignment Statuses for Each Overall Status
    • Applicant Actions
    • Change Info Groups
    • Change Applicant Actions
    • Application Activities
    • Application Activity Types
    • Create Applicant Activity Types
    • Change Automatic Creataion of Applicant Activities

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