Streamlining Bank Account Management with SAP S/4HANA Workflow

This document provides an overview of how to leverage workflow functionality in SAP S/4HANA Finance for Bank Account Management (BAM). It introduces the standard workflows available for streamlining bank account opening, modification, and closing processes. Key configuration steps are covered to enable the workflows. A detailed example illustrates the workflow process flow for opening a new bank account.

Key topics covered in the document:

  • Overview of standard SAP workflows for bank account management
  • Configuration steps to activate bank account management workflows
  • Assigning responsibilities to workflow rules
  • Activating ICF services for Fiori apps
  • Process flow for opening a new bank account
  • Steps for bank accountant, cash manager, G/L accountant, and key user
  • Usage of relevant Fiori apps for workflow tasks
  • Approval history showing audit trail of workflow steps

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Understanding Organizational Structure in SAP: Detailed Guide

This document provides an overview of organizational structure considerations for an SAP implementation. It introduces the concept of an organizational structure in SAP and explains how it defines data relationships and transactions within the system. The document outlines both simple and complex organizational structure options and provides guidance on deciding between them based on factors like industry dynamics, processes, and reporting requirements. It also discusses how organizational structure impacts master data maintenance, reporting, and transactions.

  • SAP Organizational Structure Overview: Defines organizational structure and its importance in SAP.
  • Organizational Structure Defined: Explains key SAP organizational elements like client, company code, controlling area, sales organization etc. and their relationships.
  • Organizational Structure Options: Contrasts simple vs. complex organizational structure and factors driving the decision.
  • Reporting Implications: Discusses impact of organizational structure on reporting flexibility and requirements.
  • Master Data Implications: Explains how organizational structure affects master data maintenance.
  • Organizational Structure Decision Tree: Provides decision tree for determining organizational structure based on business needs.

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SAP PM Presentation Sample for Oil&Gas Industry

This ppt presentation, prepared for Oil&Gas Industry company, provides an overview of SAP Plant Maintenance (PM), an integrated module within the SAP ERP system for managing maintenance operations. The document covers SAP PM functionality including master data, work order management, preventive maintenance, and integration with materials management and financial accounting.

List of presentation topics covered for SAP Plant Maintenance module are:

  • SAP PM Overview: Outlines the benefits of SAP PM such as industry best practices, integration, improved information quality, and reduced document flow.
  • Master Data: Discusses key PM master data objects like functional locations, equipment, bill of materials, work centers, classifications, characteristics, and measuring points. These define the maintenance objects and attributes.
  • Work Order Management: Explains the processes for creating notifications and work orders, planning, scheduling, executing, settling costs, and reporting on maintenance activities.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Describes setting up maintenance strategies, plans, and items to schedule and perform preventive maintenance.
  • Integration: Highlights integration of PM with Materials Management for material requirements planning and procurement and with Finance for capturing actual costs.

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SAP S/4HANA QM Configuration Guide [80 Pages PDF]

This document [80 pages PDF] provides configuration guidelines for the Quality Management (QM) module in SAP S/4HANA. The step-by-step instructions follow SAP Activate methodology which you can use as a reference for your SAP S/4HANA implementation projects. List of configuration steps covered in the guide are;

  1. Basic Settings
    • Client and plant level controls
  2. QM in Logistics Configurations
    • Procurement quality management
    • Certificate processing
  3. Quality Planning Configurations
    • Master data for defects, catalogs, characteristics
    • Inspection methods and sampling
  4. Inspection Planning Configurations
    • Task lists, operations, planner groups
    • Inspection points
  5. Quality Inspections Configurations
    • Inspection types and lots
    • Inspections for movements and production
  6. Quality Notifications Configurations
    • Notification types
    • Catalogs and profiles

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SAP S/4HANA PP Basics Configuration Guide

This document, prepared by Akshay Kulkarni, provides basic configuration requirements of SAP PP module starting from master data setup to order execution and integration touchpoints. Major topics covered in the document are;

  • BOM and routing master data configuration
  • Work center and resources configuration
  • Material master and MRP parameters definition
  • Production order types and integration points
  • Planning runs like MRP and scheduling
  • Production order creation, scheduling and costing
  • Confirmations, valuations and settlements

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SAP S/4HANA SD End User Training Manual

This end user training manual provides instructions for key sales and distribution processes in SAP. The manual covers creating customer master records, pre-sales order processing for export, local commercial, and local institutional sales, sales reversal/diversion procedures, and accessing reports.

The key transactions covered in the manual are:

  • Creating Customer Master Records – instructions for setting up new customer master data in SAP using BP transaction code.
  • Pre-Sales Order Processing – detailed steps for export sales (quotation, contract, sales order, delivery, billing), local commercial sales (contract, delivery, shipment, billing), and local institutional sales (contract, delivery, shipment, billing)
  • Sales Reversal/Diversion Procedure – steps to cancel invoice, reverse goods movement, and close sales order in case of refusal to receive goods
  • Reports – accessing standard SAP reports for sales and distribution

The manual provides end users with detailed, step-by-step guidance on executing essential SAP SD transactions and processes. It covers the order-to-cash cycle for different sales scenarios. The instructions allow users to efficiently create customer masters, process sales orders, deliveries, shipments, and billing documents in the SAP system.

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AATP Backorder Processing (BOP) Configuration Guide in SAP S/4HANA

Backorder processing BOP is the process of re-performing availability checks to change order confirmations based on business priorities and available stock. This document provides an overview of configuration steps required for BOP in Advanced Available-to-Promise (AATP) of SAP S/4HANA.

The key sections covered in the document are:

  • What is Backorder Processing
  • Configuration Basics
  • SAP Fiori Applications
  • Configure BOP Segment
  • Configure BOP Variant
  • Schedule BOP Run
  • Monitor BOP Run
  • Global Filter
  • Examples and Business Scenarios
  • Integration with ATP, AATP, and SAP ERP

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