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SAP Profit Center Accounting: End User Documentation

This document provides basic steps required to maintain Profit Center Accounting procedures in SAP Controlling.

  • Create/Change/View Profit Center [KE51/KE52/KE53]
  • Display Profit Center Hierarchy [KCH6N]
  • Create/Change Transfer Price Conditions [AKE5/AKE7]
  • Display/Change Items [FAGLL03]
  • Financal Statement [S_ALR_87012284]
  • Receivable: Profit Center [S_AC0_52000887]
  • Payable: Profit Center [S_AC0_52000888]

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SAP CO-PA Configuration Guide [123 Pages PDF with Screenshots]

The aim of this guide is to provide required configuration (SPRO) steps maintained in Profitability Anaylsis (CO-PA) in SAP Controlling module. Costing Based and Account-Based Profitability related configurations are provided in this document:

  • Define Operating Concern [KEA0]
  • Assign Controlling Area to Operating Concern [KEKK]
  • Set Operating Concern [KEBD]
  • Assingn Value Fields [KE4I]
  • Assign Quantity Fields [E4MI]
  • Maintain PA Transfer Structure for Direct Postings [KE12]
  • Define Structure of Cost Center Assessment Process Cost Assessment [KEU1]
  • Activate Profitability Analysis [KEKE]
  • Activate Profitability Analysis [KER1]
  • Create Profitability Report [KE31]
  • Set Control Parameters for Actual Data
  • Maintain Plan Versions [OKEQ]
  • Define Number ranges for local Documents [GB02]
  • Maintain Automatic Account Assignment of Revenue Elements [OKB9]
  • Choose Additional Balance Sheet and P&L Accounts

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SAP MM Material for Consultants & End Users [242 Pages PDF]

This pdf document covers all the basic concepts of SAP MM and the syntax necessary for learning the advanced topics in SAP MM in terms of master data, system configuration steps, and end-user transactions. This manual serves both SAP MM Functional consultant and end-users in SAP MM by covering following topics;

  • Enterprise Structure Configurations in SAP MM
  • Master Data Management
  • Procure to Pay Cycle (P2P) in Materials Management
  • Automatic Purchase Order
  • External Service Procurement
  • Quota Agreement
  • Outline Agreement
  • Release Procedure for Purchase Order
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Automatic Account Determination (MM-FI)
  • Special Procurement Process (Subcontracting, Vendor Consignment, Stock Transport Order)
  • Split Valuation
  • Physical Inventory
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Batch Management

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SAP FI Notes from Training Institute Course (264 Pages Scanned PDF)

This training intitute course covers brief notes and end-to-end implementation steps to configure SAP Finance module. Generally following topics are highlighted in notes;

  • FI Enterprise Structure Configurations
  • ASAP Methodology
  • General FI Basic Configuration Settings
  • Accounts Payables
  • Advances – Down Payment
  • House Bank & Check Management
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS)
  • Bad Debts
  • Bill of Exchange
  • Asset Accounting
  • Revaluation of Assets

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