SAP PM Manual: Corrective Maintenance Process

The corrective maintenance in SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) module contains all the fundamental process steps followed whenever maintenance is performed.

This step-by-step SAP PM manual is intended to be guide for tasks involded in Corrective Maintenance procedure:

  • Creating a Notification [IW21]
  • Create Corrective Maintenance Order for notification [IW34]
  • Corrective Maintenance vs Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance vs Breakdown Maintenance

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SAP PM WCM User Manual: Concept with Exemplary Scenarios

Work Clearance Management (WCM) is a sub component of Plant Maintenance (PM) module in SAP which is used to make sure that safety measures for carrying out certain works. In this document you will get information about:

  • PM-WCM architecture
  • Objects used for WCM
  • WCM Activation in Order
  • Process flows for the WCM Orders
  • Example Scenario: Order Processing without Valuation Standard Model
    • Equipment creation which maintenance is required to be performed and child equipment for the parent equipment is created which is required to be locked-out and tagged-out for performance of maintenance activity safely

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SAP PM Master Data Training Guide

The purpose of this document is to provide guide to management of Master Data in SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) module. In each section, master datas are explained from concept to usage in system.

  • Functional Location [IL01, IL02, IL03]
  • Equipment Master Record [IE01, IE02, IE03]
  • Bill of Material Management in SAP PM:
    • Create Material BOM [CS01, CS02, CS03]
    • Functional BOM [IB11, IB12, IB13]
    • Equipment BOM [IB01, IB02, IB03]
  • Serial Number [IQ01, IQ02, IQ03]
  • Measuring Point / Counters [IK01, IK02, IK03]
  • Measuring Documents [IK11, IK12, IK13]
  • Work Centre [IR01, IR02, IR03]
  • Task List Management in SAP PM
    • Maintenance Task List[IA11, IA12, IA13]
    • Functional Location Task List [IA11, IA12, IA13]
    • Equipment Task List [IA01, IA02, IA03]
  • Permit [IPMD]
  • Master Warranty [BGM1]

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SAP PM: Solution Manual to Common Problems

This document provides solution descriptions to following list of commonly faced errors in SAP Plant Maintenance during day to day activities

  • Functional location does not exist [IW21]
  • Euipment does not exist [IW21]
  • No suitable documents found [ME58]
  • Goods recipt for Purchase order not allowed [ML85]
  • Purchase order has not released [ME58]
  • No limit for unplanned services exists [ME58]
  • Maintain the settlement rule of the sender [KO88]
  • Maintain settlement rule [IW32]
  • Document does not contain any selectable items [MB1A]
  • Serial number already exists [IE01]
  • Either the sender is already settled or There is nothing to settle [KO88]
  • You cannot enter unplanned services [ME58]

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SAP ECC 6.0 PM Configuration Manual – Step by Step

In this +200 page document you will find instructions for almost all conguration required in SAP Plant Maintenance module during customization works. Each topic contains IMG menu path & screenshots. Content of documents from initial pages are as follows:

  • Maintain Maintenance Planning Plant
  • Assign Maintenance Planning Plant to Maintenance Plant
  • Define Location
  • Define Plant Sections
  • Define Planner Groups
  • Define Currency for Maintenance Statistics
  • Define Permit Categories
  • Define Measuring Point Categories
  • Create Number Ranges for Measuring Points
  • Create Number Ranges for Measurement documents
  • Define Field Selection for Measuring Points and Measurement Documents
  • Define Warranty Types
  • Define Partner Determination Procedure and Partner Function
  • Define Types of Technical ObjectsDefine ABC Indicators and many more…

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SAP PM Notifications: End User Guides

This user guide is intended to teach you how to navigate within the SAP Plant Maintenance System, show you how to create various notifications, and how to view and print reports about the results of your notifications.

  • Chapter 1 – The Plant Maintenance Notification System
  • Chapter 2 – Creating a Plant Maintenance Notification – Corrective (Type 11)
  • Chapter 3 – Managing Plant Maintenance Notifications
  • Chapter 4 – Creating a Plant Maintenance Notification – Special Order (Type 41)

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SAP PM Training Manual

This user guide is intended to teach you how to navigate within the SAP Plant Maintenance module, show you how to manage maintenance planning, notifications and order procedures within system.

  1. Master Data
    • Functional Location create, change, display
    • Work Centre create, Change, display
    • Task Lists
    • Measuring Points
    • Bill of Materials
  2. Maintenance Planning
    • Single Item Plans
    • Multiple item Plans
    • Scheduling of Plans
    • Deadline Monitoring
  3. Notifications
    • Create
    • Change & Display
    • Approve Notification
    • List of Notifications
    • Close Notifications
  4. Orders ( Create, Change, Display)
    • Assign Fund Management
    • Assign material component
    • Assign service Requirements
    • Assign activity type
    • Assign Permits
    • Release Maintenance Order
    • Change/Edit Maintenance Orders
    • Printing Maintenance Orders
    • Display Maintenance Orders
    • Close Maintenance Orders
    • List of Maintenance Orders
    • Sub Orders
    • Issue Permits
  5. Reports

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