SAP PP Shop Floor Control Configuration


The objective of this paper is to provide the SAP PP consultant with a step-by-step guides at configuring the SAP PP Shop Floor Control module. It is structure in the form of howto-do configurations method.
When you do the SAP configuration, sequence is not really important as long as all the PP Shop Floor Control modules Features that need to be used have been configured.

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PP Transactional Flow

Step 1: Material Master
Logistics > Production > Master Data > Material Master > Material > Create General > Immediately MM01

Step 2: BOM creation
Logistics > Production > Master Data > Bills of Material > Bills of Material > Material BOM > Create CS01

Step 3: Work Center creation
Logistics > Production > Master Data > Work Center > ( New Screen ) Work Center > Create CR01

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Materials Requirement Planning in SAP

The main function of material requirements planning is to guarantee material availability, that is, it is used to procure or produce the requirement quantities on time both for internal purposes and for sales and distribution. This process involves the monitoring of stocks and, in particular, the automatic creation of procurement proposals for purchasing and production.

In doing so, MRP tries to strike the best balance possible between

  • optimizing the service level and
  • minimizing costs and capital lockup.

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