SAP Business One PP Module Training

SAP Business One Production Planning module is used to define Bill of Materials (BOM) for products, and to create and maintain production orders.
This guide covers following list of topics which is divided into two sections

  • Introduction to Production Module in SAP Business One
  • Section 1: Production Module in SAP Business One
    • Bill of Materials in SAP Business One
    • Production Order in SAP Business One
    • Receipt from Production in SAP Business One
    • Issue for Production in SAP Business One
    • Global updating of Parent Item Prices in SAP Business One
  • Section 2: Production Module Reporting
    • Bill of Material Report
    • Open Items List Report

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SAP Business One Purchasing Module User Manual

Entire Purchasing process can be controlled inside SAP Business One (B1) from purchase orders through processing A/P invoices. This purchasing guide consists of three sections which are as follows.

  • Section 1: Purchasing Documents in SAP Business One
    • Purchase Order in Sap Business One
    • Good Receipt PO in SAP Business One
    • Goods Return in SAP Business One
    • A/P Down Payment Request in SAP Business One
    • A/P Down Payment Invoice in SAP Business One
    • A/P Invoice in SAP Business One
    • A/P Credit Memo in SAP Business One
    • A/P Reserve Invoice in SAP Business One
    • Posting Purchasing Documents in SAP Business One
    • Canceling or Closing Purchasing Document
    • Copying Purchasing Documents to another Document in SAP Business One
    • Landed Cost in SAP Business One
  • Section 2:Purchasing Module Utilities in SAP Business One
    • Document Drafts
    • Saving Documents as Drafts
    • Document Printing
  • Section 3: Purchasing Reports in SAP Business One
    • Purchase Analysis Report
    • Open Items List Report

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SAP Business One PP-MRP Module Training Manual

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module in SAP Business One enables users to plan material requirements for a manufacturing or procurement process. In this guide you will find instructions in details with screenshots for the following procedures

  • Material Requirement Forecast
  • Material Requirement Planning Wizard
  • Material Order Recommendation Report

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Year End Closing Activities in SAP Business One

Year-End Closing in SAP enables users to create postings in the accounting system when a fiscal year or posting period ends. This function allows the transfer of previous profit and loss G/L account balances from one fiscal year or period to another.
The procedures described in this guide represent a concept that is generally applicable. Following activities are explained in detail:

  • Year End (Period End Closing)
    • Introduction
    • Process Flow
    • Description
  • Preparation
    • Backup
    • Checking Control Accounts
    • Exchange Rate Revaluation
    • Financial Audit Adjustments
    • Run Stock Audit Report
    • Run Profit And Loss Statement
  • Year End Closing
    • Year End Closing Process
  • Examples Of Possible Error Messages
    • Distribution Rule

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What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One’ is the low-cost, easy-to-implement business management solution from SAP for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). Unlike regular ERP software from SAP, this solution gives managers on-demand access to critical real-time information through ‘one single system’ containing financial, customer relationship management, manufacturing, and management control capabilities. As a result, the solution enables rapid employee productivity, while empowering managers to make better business decisions to stay ahead of the competition. Equipped with a user-friendly interface, SAP Business One serves as your central ERP hub with standard interfaces to internal and external data sources, handheld computers, CRM applications, and other leading analysis tools.

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Tips and Tricks for SAP Business One – 2

In my previous post, i shared SAP Business One Tips and Tricks document that i confronted at Clients First site. This is another tips and tricks document you are shown how to find out the description of a field in SAP Business One, the hierarchy of the default layouts when printing, in-depth workings of the Special Pricing functionality, what is a key pre-requisite for posting the journals generated from the Period-End Closing function and much more.

Questions you will find answer for are as follow;

  • What is the hierarchy of the default Print layout?
  • What Price does the price field in the Special Prices for Business Partners main window reflect?
  • Why an error message relating to date deviation appears in Period-End Closing function?
  • How to see the remaining quantities to be delivered to the customer?
  • How to Insert a Watermark in a Printed Marketing Document?
  • Why is the system giving this message: ‘Confirmation amount must be greater than zero [Message 173-18]’?
  • s there a quick way to access the explanation of a specific field in SAP Business One?
  • Non-Included Transactions in the Payment Wizard
  • How to record the validity of tax exemption certificates?
  • How to cancel a journal entry using today as posting date?

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